“Today it’s the places where I walk that become my colors:
the Land, the Forest.”

Returning to live in close contact with nature has provided me with the conditions for a new artistic journey where I began to perceive everything around me as an inexhaustible source of color, as well as wonder.

And so, starting from the botanical printing on paper I learned from an Australian teacher in 2020, I began to investigate the multitude of ways to extract colors from plants and the lands around me.

This research, fascinating and intense, led me to immerse myself in a community of artists around the world who are rediscovering the beauty of creating their own palettes from the natural products they have directly in front of them.

Having the fortune of living steps away from Monte Amiata, famous for its TERRA DI SIENA, I have rediscovered my land, and since then I have not stopped collecting nature and its artifacts from whichever earth I cross.

I studied the recipe for my watercolors invoking the Italian painter Cennino Cennini, who in the 1400s had already drawn up his...  with which he disclosed his techniques to the world.

From the pigment I choose, I obtain not only watercolors, but also chalk, tempera and oil pastels which also become the interior background of my studio while I work.

Even the brushes I use are often made with what I find around me and with recycled materials that create original tools capable of leaving unique marks.