“Land, leaves, berries and wood that become colors, dye… ink and paintbrushes to narrate my thoughts.”

In 2020, botanical printing on paper was the spark that propelled me on my new artistic journey through the daily dialogue between art and nature.

For almost a year and a half I printed leaves, bark and roots on different papers discovering the wonderful potential of natural color around us.

Little by little I discovered the realm of botanical colors and their role in the world of art history and color. It is from this contact with botanical printing and my interaction via texts and meetings with various international masters that has initiated me into fabric dyeing.

My first encounter with ancient recipes was with the iron gall ink which for years had been kept inside the library of trees that my father created years ago. By rediscovering these ancient medieval formulas, I learned to make the same ink with which the manuscripts from the Middle Ages were written.

Recently I also learned to take advantage of the pruning of our vines by creating charcoal and an intense silvery black ink with them, a result described by Cennino Cennini in the 1400s as one of the most beautiful.