“I grew up in this sea of beauty where my hands and my eyes have always moved, curious, in these enchanted places. ”

I was born in Montalcino, Tuscany, in 1975 and grew up with my sisters under a majestic old oak tree.

This contact with the woods, the animals and all the Beauty around me were, along with my family, my existential center of gravity.

Creativity has always been an integral part of my life. It surrounded me everywhere thanks to my father Annibale, who raised us in a stimulating environment where materials and tools have always been a vehicle of communication between our hands and our imagination.

After training as an illustrator and spending almost a decade in Milan, I returned to my native Montalcino, where in 2004 I opened my own artisan workshop on the top of the hill of the town.

From 2011 to 2018 my work concentrated on paper sculpture, receiving an unexpected and welcome response from critics and the public, with particular attention from the Italian television Rai which often broadcasted my artistic direction.

In 2019, a family event led me to close my shop in Montalcino and retreat back into nature, reunited with the (magical) place I grew up.

And so, once again, my woods and my land had returned to become the protagonist of a new artistic journey made of enchantment and wonder, inspiring me on a level more profound than ever.

Today my work centers around creating natural colors from the plants and the terrain that surround me and my art studio.

I hand build my brushes and tools. I collect leaves, seeds, and worn rusty objects that I encounter on my walks, assembling them with freedom and gratitude for all their Beauty.

From the oak galls and the vines I obtain my darkest inks that I use to draw marks and symbols that I instinctively embroider over. This method and movement are a powerful source of meditation for me, especially during the winter months.

In fact, my artistic expression transforms with the seasons, bringing forth different emotions that materialize with words, poetry, and the artist’s sketchbook as fundamental elements of my journey. 

Research and experimentation are not only the common thread and the daily thrust of my work, but also my deepest form of meditation. Through my workshops, and through immersive contact with Nature and her wonders, I strive to invite people to discover their own creative capacity and allow it to emerge as a precious gift with which to walk the world.