“When creating means falling in love over and over again”

I was born in Montalcino in 1975, and, as a little girl, I started to express myself through drawing and small crafts. My passion for drawing brought me to Milan in 1994 where I studied editorial illustration. In 2001 I returned to the Val d’Orcia and designed the “MONTALCINO…UN MONDO DI-VINO” T-shirts whose sales allowed me to open this little workshop where I have spent the last ten years drawing, illustrating books, inventing objects with Brunello corks and “making clay whistle”. My papier-mâché sculptures are the latest evolution in my creative versatility even though it all started long ago in childhood with that magical little puppet theatre I made with my Dad, Annibale, to whom I owe my love for CREATING. In 2011 my Paper Cirkus toured Italy with the famous quick-change artist Arturo Brachetti. Since then, while I continue to work as an illustrator and do a thousand other things, sculpture has become my main focus getting the attention of the press and Rai.